Sustainability – April 2023

Sustainability – April 2023 The relationship between water and the mineral products industry is a complex one. Clearly there are many triumphs. Attenborough, Little Paxton, the Cotswold Water Park, Brockholes are places I can think of without looking them up – outstanding quality restoration, award winning in most cases and a short list of many […]

Sustainability – February 2023

Sustainability – February 2023

Sustainability – February 2023 Are you competent to tackle the broad topic of sustainability? As an individual? As a team? As a business? In exactly the way one cannot simply expect someone to act safely without the commensurate level of skill, the same applies to sustainability. It is not enough to employ a sustainability manager. […]

Sustainability Jan 23

Sustainability – January 2023 I am not sure whether it’s too late to wish you a happy new year but I am going to do it anyway – so Happy New Year one and all! I hope your journey into sustainability proves to be challenging and worthwhile. Last year I wrote about all kinds of […]

Sustainability – November 2022

Sustainability – November 2022 by Miles Watkins Another year, another COP – number 27 in this case. What’s it all about and does it make any difference, really? Way back in 1992 when I started my degree in environmental studies at the University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield Poly to its mates), it was the year of […]

Sustainability – September 2022

Sustainability – September 2022 It’s been a really busy month. I have been working with teams across the country on bids into the central government Live Labs II pot to bring low carbon roads into life. Given all that is going on in the world, it is reassuring that there remains at least some focus […]

Sustainability – August 2022

Sustainability – August 2022

Sustainability – August 2022 Let’s talk about plastic. It’s probably done more to advance society than most other materials – not demeaning our favourite concrete of course. Yet it has left a permanent dent in the ecological world with microscopic plastic particles found in pretty much every living organism including ourselves. Some scientists are even […]

Sustainability – July 2022

Sustainability – July 2022

Sustainability – July 2022 by Miles Watkins Wherever you are reading this, it is likely that you have been a little on the warm side recently. The socials have been festooned with red graphics depicting high average global temperatures or showing things 50 years ago and today noting the likely man-made changes – and not […]



Sustainability – June 2022 by Miles Watkins There’s been a real buzz about the place this week with the first Hillhead Exhibition for a while – delayed owing to nobody’s friend COVID-19. The weather has been good to us and if we ignore hyper-inflation and fuel prices, the Great is back in Great Britain. Hoorah! […]

Sustainability – May 2022

Proud of the contribution – by Miles Watkins Welcome To Our Environmental News Blog It’s clear that the industry should be rightly proud of the contribution it makes to biodiversity. The quality habitat creation across the UK has been quite staggering, tackling really challenging locations and delivering landscapes such as acid heathland, calcareous grassland and […]

It never ceases to amaze – April 2022

It never ceases to amaze – Sustainability April 2022 Sustainability – April 2022 It never ceases to amaze me how few renewable energy installations there are in the quarrying sector. Lots of land, sizable energy consumption, long periods of tenure – these are golden conditions for such generators. I am of course aware of the […]